Thursday, November 08, 2007

Fried Rice

Over the last week, I had made 4 attempts at cooking fried rice. The only knowledge I have about frying rice is the one time closely watching how my mom did it a few years ago :P

1st try, cooked with mixed veges, put in the eggs late into the cooking process. The whole fried rice turned out to be sticky. Stuffed it in anyway :p

2nd try, cooked the same way as above. The exception is that i fried the eggs before I added in the rice. Turns out to be quite nice

3rd try, same as the first try, but fried longer and used a warmer hot plate, turned out to be really nice if not for the extra salt i accidently poured in. (pictured half eaten above)

4th try, fried rice with fresh mushrooms and sausages (I ran out of mixed veges), not satisfactory.

Anyway, I think I will be getting more of the mixed veges for my practices later on~

*Let's create a world full of Love~


  1. Looks nice! But do you mean that you have never tried cooking fried rice before this?! That was one of the first things I tried cooking on my own!

    Anyway, when I'm lazy to fry the eggs first, I push the cooked rice to a side of the pan and fry the egg on the other side...then when the egg is set I mix everything. Works quite well.

    Why not put mixed veggies AND mushrooms and sausage? ;P

  2. The one only other try is best set to the forgotten lands of 'never-remind-me-of-this.' :p

    If you look carefully, the rice in the pic already contained fresh mushrooms, just no sausage :P

  3. Looks like some 'yong chow chau fan' i ate in hong kong restaurant..hehehe..very good! It looks really nice. When can i try it ah? ;)

    The rice ends up sticky is because the egg wasnt fully cooked. U can try leaving the egg cook longer (turn withish and yellowish) before u disturb the egg and mix it with the rice :).

  4. the main problem about cooking fried rice here is the plate takes damn long to heat up, and some of them never got heat up enough to fry things properly