Thursday, November 08, 2007


When I fist got my (now stolen) Sony Ericsson k750i, I searched high and low for resources on hacking it so that it runs the SE w800i firmware (Why, because I know it can be done, and because I know I can do it :P).

Along the way, the name MyPhoneExplorer turned up as the premier third party software to manage SE phones. Having used it for almost a year now, I can attest to the claim. This piece of freeware can do it's job, and it's damn good at it.

It enabled me to:
1. Sync my phone's contacts and organizer events with Thunderbird e-mail client (with the Lightning Organizer extension)
2. Backup and restoring my sms messages in case my phone is gone for whatever reason or when I am playing with the firmware (hacking, upgading through third party tools)
3. Send and receive sms messages via the computer
4. Explore the phone/MS card contents (It was possible to do it from Explorer with k750i, but for some reason it isn't possible under k800i unless u decided to turn off the phone to revert to the file transfer mode)
5. Sync my time with standard time kept by atomic clocks

So there you go.. If you are using a SE phone now, do give it a spin, I am pretty sure that it's functions will appeal to you as well :) You can get it here.

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i am getting busy here for the new semester, with a big project and lots of lab reports to do. And i still have to catch up on a lot of things that i didn't understand since a few sems ago. Due to that, my posting frequency will drop, hope you guys won't mind about that. On top of that, I have to prepare my cover letter and CVs and certs to apply for positions for my practical semester, which is the next semester. And somehow my services as a computer technician is getting known here -.- Perhaps i should start charging people for repairs (100 Euro per hour will do :D)

For resources on Sony Ericsson phones, here is a list to get you guys started:
1. Se-Nse (Firmwares, customization: Some of the tweaks described here aren't for those who are faint hearted)
2. SeGoodies (Themes)
3. Mobile9 (j2me softwares)
4. Of course,


  1. I like the my phone explorer. very user friendly..

    Shud i go get back one red 750i? :S

  2. No's okie la... what's gone is gone...