Friday, November 16, 2007

Journey called Life... (From cat to Tiger)

"In seinem Traum kann auch das kleinste Kätzchen ein Tiger sein"
Taken from a fridge magnet that i was about to give someone

"In it's dreams, the smallest cat can also be a tiger."
For those who dare to dream, dream on, and create a reality out of it.


*Let's create a world full of Love~

updates from me: Just realized that my Gmail have been upgraded, and it certainly looks very nice. Couple it with the latest IMAP support, Gmail just proves to me why it should stay as my main mail provider.

I have constant heads over the past week, and as a result had taken almost the whole week off to rest. It's getting better now, and it's high time that I should get back to my studies. No more failures for this semester is acceptable. If you guys have the time, knock at my msn and remind me not to play too much games :p

It had started to snow over here, and outside of the windows I can see a white world, approaching the levels of white found in the beautiful white snow scenes found in the movies. Somehow it reminds me of Jen. Kinda wish that she is here with me now, enjoying the scene.
Anyway, it's time for me to go back and read a bit before I retire, thanks for squinting your eyes to read the tiny prints. Hope your eyesight haven't increased a few degrees after reading this :p

Anyway, to all who just read the long tiny prints, as well as all beings in every plane of life, I wish you well and happy always...

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