Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Inner Life of a Cell

Found this while reading my Google Reader feeds. It's quite a nice video with nice music and in the second 'long' version, narration as well. Those who are taking subjects related to biology might benefit from this :)

Animation only

'Long' version with narration


  1. Watched this video a while ago and it's really one of the best science movie clips I have ever come across. :)

  2. The bad news is, I get to know this video clip when someone posted about creationism plagiarism over in Digg...

  3. Would you mind to point me to the particular digg page? Thanks.

  4. Crap that I deinstalled my Safari to get more space after your comments...

    Anyway, I digged around a bit and found the page here

  5. Well.....i was thinking wat to write a moment ago...:P
    hmm...very educational...very nice graphic...;)
    then i ter-scroll down to see the last post(hope u dun mind)...and to my horror,i dun uds anythg about it.=_=" it about pc and stuff?if it is,then maybe i shall go "upgrade" my knowledge about computers.....haha...
    i am so like a katak bawah tempurung~~~~~

    ~ur 12th floor fren~ *wink*


    ask casper the also still learning and got lost halfway thru..haha.. ><
    it's basically abt the internet browsers that we are using e.g windows explorer, firefox and opera...he's comparing the different features characteristics and etc etc etc..haha.. im not pro at this... need to ask casper..hehe;P

    yep, the video was very cool.. terima kasih kepada mr casper.. :D

    ei, wanna drink ABC soup tonight?? :P

  7. *sorry, not windows explorer...internet explorer.. *sweat*

  8. haha..funny la u...
    urm...din manage to drink ur ABC soup the other night...hope u are not disapponted..keke....:P
    i noe u wun be able to read my comment these few days...but it's ok..i wud juz write la...u will see them one day wan rite??
    ok la..once again...happy weekend and njoy the camp!!

    ~hugs~ur 12th floor fren~