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Given that the US of A is considered as the superpower of the world today, it's kinda natural that their world only revolves around themselves. Anything else doesn't matter. Enjoy the next video, and hopefully you readers can answer the questions asked in the interviews correctly...

According to them, the next target that US military should attack next is actually their main ally in the Asia-Pacific Region: Australia.

Here are the answers to most of the questions posed, see how many have you answered correctly:

1. Name a country which begins with a 'u.'
US of A itself, Uganda, Ukraine and there are lots more out there.

2. What is the coalition of Willing?
To be frank, i don't know the answer to this question. A search via Google revealed that it the Multinational Force that looks after Iraq.

3. What is the religion of Israel?
Israel is a country created for the Jews. Their main religion is a monotheistic religion called Judaism.

4. What religions are buddhist monks?
Grammartically incorrect. If you want me to answer that, the religion's name is buddhist monks itself. (Note: I am just implying the answer to this question as posed).

5. Who won the Vietnam war?
It's a painful lesson for the United States. The Communist Vietnamese did.

6. Who is Fidel Castro?
Anyone who had lives long enough will know that he is the dictator of the communist Cuba.

7. How many sides does a triangle have?
Go figure.

8. What's the currency used in the United Kingdom?
Pound Sterling, the biggest currency in the world.

9. Where is North Korea?
North of South Korea of course. Lies to the north east of Chine, west from Japan.

10. Kofi Annan is a drink, true or false?
He is the current secretary-general of the United Nations.
Seems like my assumption is wrong. Kofi Annan is the past secretary general of the United Nations. The current Secretary-General of the United Nations is actually Ban Ki-moon from South Korea. His term starts from Jan 1 2007.

11. Who is Tony Blair?
The current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and currently leads the Labour Party.

12. Which countries are in the Axis of Evil?
Not to be confused with the Axis during the second world war, the Axis of Evil is what G.W. Bush used to refer to countries that he claims to support terrorism. They include Iraq under Saddam Hussein, Iran, and North Korea.

13. Who is the first man on the moon?
Official records claims that Neil Armstrong is the first man to ever step onto the moon.

14. What is a mosque?
It's a place of worship for Muslims.

15. How many kidneys does a person have?
Normally 2.

16. What is collateral damage?
I used to think it's damage to both sides, but it's a totally different thing altogether. It's military term used to describe:

Collateral damage is a military euphemism made popular during the Vietnam War (Army Technology Glossary). The term has been in use so long that it is now an accepted term within military forces, meaning "unintentional damage or incidental damage affecting facilities, equipment or personnel, occurring as a result of military actions directed against targeted enemy forces or facilities. Such damage can occur to friendly, neutral, and even enemy forces."

17. How many world wars have there been?
I am not really sure. But i am sure that there are 2 wars with the name World War -s in it. ;)

18. Which state does KFC comes from?
I'll leave it to you guys to find out the answer.

19. What are Hiroshima and Nagasaki famous for?
They are the victims of the first and last nuclear bombs ever to be used in warfare.

20. How many Eifel Towers are there in Paris?
Go figure.

21. What is Al-Qaeda?
Due to my political biased mind, i will leave it to you guys to read the link provided.

22. Where was the Berlin-Wall?
Berlin, Germany

23. The language they speak in Latin America is Latin, true or false?
Not all speaks Latin, but most do.

p/s: Article edited for answers to the questions posed. Hope all will learn more from the information provided.


  1. xhey, maybe we shud do the same test to Malaysians either!!Malaysians will give u more "extreme" answers than tat!=P

  2. Most of the questions can be answer if people do a bit more reading.

  3. axis and axis of evil is not same... lol i only know that... oh ya, i read chinese newspaper, it is called 邪恶轴心。。。 damm, i need to read more english newspaper...

    and kofi annan is a coffee according to video... haha... well he is last secretary general of UN. Koo wat wat (a not so interested korean name...) is the current S-G of UN now...

    actually, at 1st i think that collateral damage is serious damage to our spines..... =.=

    enjoy easter!!!!

  4. Thanks for the comment about the current secretary general of UN now... the news slipped past my radar :p