Monday, April 16, 2007


yes! yes! yes!!! It's finally break time~!!!! Phew, the long awaited study break is finally here. What a relief! :D It has been really too long since the last time i had time to do my own leisure things. Now, here i am~!! Sitting in the comfort of my room with a laptop (borrow from housemate) and an uninterrupted internet connection is just so rare that having it now makes me don't want to let it go.

The pass one and a half month ago was really crazy; from orientation (i orientate vvip guest..hehe), heavy lectures till 5 everyday, foundation pharmacy project, microbiology exam report, pharmacology pA2 report, publicity for malaysian studies' cultural bazaar, henna, all the never ending meetings, welcoming parties, workshops, class tests, part time job etc everything all lumped together during this short period of time. Now everything is checked! except for CAL, SPIDER quizzes, finals, incovar, ESC finals and carnival sponsorship thingy. eh, looks like still have alot to do eh......AH, nvm, today is my holiday...hehe...will take this time to put some updates :) enjoy reading~!


  1. hiaks hiaks! can see u r having fun there! hahahahahaha enjoy the process ler, uni life is like that, super busy and hectic but super fun too! you will one day look back and feel that it is one of the best part of your life.. hehehe cannot generalise, but at least for me kekeke

  2. was indeed my busiest yet enjoyable moment, having to handle both ECA and studies well really require certain level of time and stress management..keke..whether i pass the 'civil university' depends on my dis coming finals results~!!! darn, haven't started studying :P

    however, i think i dare not take double part time jobs at one time anymore! tooooooooooo busy! LOL :P