Monday, April 16, 2007

First ever cultural bazaar


Fusion. Confusion? Truly Malaysian.
A celebration of diversity. A quest for common identity.

This was the event we jointly organise between P106 and B105 for our Malysian Studies assessment. It's equivalent to our written exam. So, how successful is this event will determine whether we pass or fail our exam. Personally, i would say it's successful in our own ways. Both batches had lotsa fun that day. :)

Being given such a short time, limited choices and resources, we had succesfully come up with such an interesting event which roared the floor of IMU during lunch time at Atrium. With the bazaar buzzing since as early as 11am, the whole event went on till 4pm.

Our opening ceremony was extremely great with lion dance that last for about 30 minutes. The two little lions were so cute in their actions! Imagine the two lions fighting for an orange? with one trying to kick off another? the cutest part was when it lied on the stage with the head down, butt tilted up and the cute little tail wagging as it peels the skin of the oranges with its mouth.

In the bazaar we had all kinds of interactive workshops including chinese calligraphy, henna drawing, hands on ketupat making, hands on roti canai flipping, tong yuen making, live sari wearing demo, bamboo dance, gasing and congkak.

I bet you had not tried dancing the bamboo dance and flipping the roti canai. The bamboo dance was FUN. You have to dance according to the ryhthm if not, there goes ur feet being clamped by the bamboo sticks! i must thank kn and shazwan for knocking the bamboos for me:)

However, i missed the chance to flip the roti canai as i was too busy drawing henna at the booth. Missed as well was the live wearing demo. We can actually wear the sari and move around as if it's yours!

Wishing tree was the main attraction for the day. You write ur wish on a red paper and throw the 'kam' on to the "tree'. Since i didn't get to make my wish that day,I'll make my wish here. :p

The thing i never miss was the tong yuen booth. The tong yuen they make was super nice la. As u sink your teeth into the meat of the tong yuen, you can taste the all natural gula melaka in the core of it. Slurp. NICE :D

Unity was felt when all of us sang our rasa sayang yue liang dai biau wo de xin mix in the choir. Although we are not super great singers, our voices play a part in the choir. Just like organizing the event itself, all of us had a role to play, and each of us contribute a little to the success of the event. Afterall, its for our own assessment :)

Congrats everyone, we have made it! Thanks to each of us who had contributed. :)

Just for preview purposes, hehe, this was the flyers we had:


  1. wah lau! so fun! uni life is funnn lehhhhhh ;) hahhaha

  2. hehehehe...yupz, had fun that day, despite minor probs. U shud try the bamboo dance, looks easy, but not when u try it! i can draw henna for u too~!:D

  3. Eh Jen... i think if u try to flip roti canai..sure stick on ceiling and wun come off!!

    hey, how about doing henna during camp??