Wednesday, April 25, 2007

June is going to be a painful month...

Just visited the dentist just now, and guess what, i had to get 3 of my wisdom teeth plucked out. It gets better, the doc wants to pluck them all out at the same time...

The reason that the teeth have to be yanked out my mouth is because 2 of the bottom ones are growing horizontally instead of vertically as it's supposed to (It's the rarest form of impacted wisdom tooth, the horizontal type). In the long term, it will cause lots of pain as well as cavity because of trapped debris between the wisdom tooth and the molar tooth in front of it.

The top right wisdom tooth have to be plucked out as a preventive measure against inflamation since there will be no bottom tooth for it to sit on. As for the left top tooth, for some reasons it's not there at all... maybe it haven't grow out yet, or more probably, i don't have it at all... :P

As for complications, the dentist assured me that complications risks are little, although there might be a risk to the bones because of the placement of the roots of the molars. I am assured that the chances of this happening is small and there is no need to worry about it...

Anyway, i can look forward to a long medical leave for the duration of treatment, and the fact that i don't have to go for 3 surgeries does lighted the load a bit ;)

for more information about wisdom tooth and it's complications, you can go to this wikipedia page. There you guys can see how my teeth is supposed to look like ;)

i need a rest now, after a long day...c'ya guys next time...

A Prayer of Compassion
May i become at all times, both now and forever,
A protector for those without protection,
A guide for those who have lost their way,
A ship for those whit oceans to cross,
A bridge for those with rivers to cross,
A sanctuary for those in danger,
A lamp for those without light,
A place of refuge for those who lack shelter,
And a servant for all in need

~His Holiness the Dalai Lama~

p/s: from today on, i will be putting this prayer of compassion as my signature after my posts. It's a good way to spread love around ;)


  1. june maybe a little hard n painful, but we r supporting u.

    afterall, you will certainly be sad to say goodbye to ur 3 lovely cute big wisdom teeth, which are half-forceful to leave your warm mouth hug. sad sob sob...

  2. This reminds me when I had my teeth pulled out just to fix my braces. The experience is equal to a month of porridge.

    Ah, i heard pulling out the wisdom teeth is much more painful. but at least u are still able to eat rice? ^^

    -choogirl from recom-

  3. haha...pulling out wisdom teeth is more painful because of the operation needed to do so...

    no, i won't be able to eat anything solid for i-don' it's either i make a bubur that is really in liquid form or i eat mashed potatoes all the time...

    btw, welcome to our blog...hope you like it ;)

  4. and for me, still deciding whether to have my teeth pulled out to fix my braces, onot... actually, I hv been 'deciding' since I'm form 3.. until now... oh Gosh... shd I ?

    Lester Lee

  5. haha...i am still thinking about braces as well...not for cosmetic but health reasons...

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