Thursday, September 21, 2006

experiments and me...

The one thing about me is that i love to experiment with new things, expecially things related to technology.

For a measure, you can have a look at my own computer and my pda phone and count the amount of softwares that are still in beta* status. The list will be as follows:

1. Firefox 2 beta 2
2. Microsoft Active Sync 4.5 beta 2
3. Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 RC1**
4. Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 beta 2
5. My own PDA phone is running on a hacked version of ROM build by the friendly guys at

I don't know why do I like to be at the cutting edge of things, but I think I like the thrill of breaking things and find a way to fix them, or find some ways to work around them. I love to get to know how things work from the smallest nuts and bolts to the whole assembled complete system. I am the one who will read a manual lots of times that I can repeat every word from the front page to the backcover, and then still want to go find out about additional ways to get more juice out of the system.

Perhaps this is the reason that I am able to maximize the capability of my own computer and PDA, running it the way I want it to, that to me is one kind of success.

But then, after I had maximized my usage of the system, I will go look for new ways to experiment. Right now, I am experiment with various distribution of Linux operating system. There are a lot of ways to customize the system, from the very core to the looks of it. In fact, in the future, after I learn how to program, i might even take a look into the source code of the applications running under linux and see what i can do to make it even better.

I think I had just made myself look really like a geeky kind of person right now...haha...nvm, that's who I am anyway. I used to play with lots of legos when i was really young, the time when I was still studying primary school in Brunei. I can still remember the first set of lego bought for me by my parents as a present for being top in the class. It was a Lego technic version of a truck, complete with it's own suspensions and steering wheel. Not much for a starter, but still lots of fun with nevertheless.

Several months later my father brought back one whole pail of Legos taken from someone who don't want it anymore. boy I was thrilled. I used to play with it for long periods during my holidays and managed to build a lot a lot of things from it, and learning a whole lot about gears, how things should fit together so that it is at it's strongest, what happens in a suspension system, how pistons are fitted together in an engine, and a lot more from it alone. There was one time that I was so engrossed in building my own car from lego that i spent one whole afternoon building it without doing anything else. I ended that day with a headache due to concentrating too much on the project.. =p but still, i did successfully build a car that had it's own steering, suspention, hood, doors etc etc etc all on my own...YAHOO.... =p

Yea, experimentation on things had been part of me all along, and brings along lots of thrills and fun with it...

ok, I am done with this post, time to test using debian linux...heh heh...
till my next post, *tata~


*Let's create a world full of LOVE~

*beta means software which are feature complete softwares that are being tested to look for bugs and fix them

**RC means Release Candidate


  1. Hey Casper!

    A future tech-scientist there? ;)

    Good for you, to know what you love to do. When you have an interest in something, you are naturally motivated to find out more and do it. When you have a passion for something, you would naturally gravitate towards it and it won't be a chore anymore. All da best in your quest to understanding and experimenting the tech world! :)

    Oh yah btw, have been wondering how you managed to sort the blog posts into a table of contents? It's so much neater. Can teach me how to do it?

  2. haha..thanks there...hopefully i won't get too stuck into it la...last nite didn't sleep for the whole night looking for ways to make the linux i installed to work..seems like i forgot the exact syntax of the code..hehe...

    For my table of contents I just create a normal post, and then put in the links to the contents. And then once in a while i will update the table-posts with new links as i post new blog articles.

    for the sake of convenience i put all content posts as posts in january posts, so that they all are in the same place.

  3. forgot to say, the table of contents are actually workarounds to get past the limitations of blogger... =)