Saturday, September 30, 2006

Journey called Life... (Part 30: User-friendliness and Efficiency)

In my experience with both Windows and Linux softwares, and through browsing of many many forums, especially this one, I had come across many discussions about how un-user-friendly linux distributions are because some of them requires us to use the command line to do our jobs.

Being the curious type, I had used both types of operation (via command line and the point-click method) to do the same jobs. What I had found out is that, while the point-and-click method is definitely more user-friendly, it is also the slowest way of doings things. depending on the operation, I can make my way using the commend line up to 5 times faster than when I am pointing and clicking around the various menus and dialog boxes that pops-up. That is, of course, due to my familiarity to the operation of the system and my typing speed (okok, I AM trying to make myself look great here, so don't bother =p). Example, it's much easier and faster for my to go the terminal within Linux and type

sudo aptitude install supertux

then press enter and input my password rather than to click on system-administration-synaptic package manager, input my password, then search for supertux. Afterwards I have to mark it, and click apply. I know most of you won't understand this, but the number of steps speaks for themselves.

That is the reward of me finding different ways to do the same job rather than "following the masses" and do it like how everyone did. There are many many shortcuts that we can make use of but invisible to us even though it's just standing right in front of us. I'd admit that I am also one of the people that are in the group.

But for once, we need to start think out of the box and think creatively on how to resolve any situations that arises for us to confront. Like in the above example with command line and point-and-click comparison, I had managed to find another way around my problem by using the very method that scarey people away from linux. That's the joy of doing research, it's the joy of solving problems by the way that most people won't even dare to touch with a ten foot pole...

There are always more than one way to solve problems, can you see it?


*Let's create a world full of LOVE~
note: Enjoying the song xiang shui bai he through my linux based media player/organizer, Listen


  1. thinking out of the box on how to hack the IMU server and the wireless nearby...keke..

    and supertux is all over my mind now...*oh, i can't wait..:p

  2. Haha... I had just found out that there is a windows version of supertux out there..wanna try? man it's fun...*lol~

  3. u though wireless so easy to hack ar? me kena learn a lot more le..hehe...till then la.. =p