Sunday, September 03, 2006

Return of the ghost

After being off the radar for the last few months, yup, i am back to Germany now...

Time to say hi to all of you out there... having fun?

hope you do, but don't forget about work yah...

kinda sleepy now, maybe I am still stuck in Malaysia mentally... hehe.. but don't worry, I will be ok here...

Just want to say hi to you all:

Hello to all!!!

hehe...that's all from me this time... *tata~


Let's create a world full of LOVE =)


  1. Hi, welcome back!! Has it really been so many months since you "left" the Internet? Time must be passing really really fast... Wish you all the best in Germany!

  2. haha..nope, it's only 2 months...well, kinda super enjoyed that 2 months...

    hv 2 move on with life liao...

    thanks for the wishes...all the best in australia 2 you too... =)

  3. Welcome back to the 24/7 "cybership"...:p