Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Realisation Part 5: Overjoyed :)

hohohoho...yay~~!!!...Gold medal for pharmacy table tennis team...yay~! so happy we won the finals in IMU Cup on tuesday with a clean score of 3-0. Was not expecting at all for such clean winning...thanks to our female single player, our hero of the day...:) Semi-finals was the most exciting match with the Sem 3 medics, winning by a close 3-2 score. The stress when i was playing the mixed doubles was indescribable la, but the joy of winning the match was even more over-whelming! Never felt so victorious before la...all the effort put in for the trainings, sacrificing of personal time, study time, rest time, sleeping time, dinner time, and all the sweat and blood (hehe..exaggerating) are all worth it:)

How true is the saying, we reap what we sow :p

On another happy note on reaping what we sow (hehe), i just got back my biosci lab reports, and wow, it proves that all the sleepless days and nights and headaches struggling and rushing through the 4 super long reports (10 pages and above) are worthwhile too! Hehe..rewarded 24/25 and 22/25 for two of them, still waiting for the other two to be returned, but it's enough to make me happy :) (coz it's relatively higher than the rest >.< ) ;p

While enjoying the triumph of this week, i do realise the joy is not gonna last i.e impermanance, so i'm gonna enjoy it now, hehe:)

Tonight is the closing for the IMU Cup, have cheerleadings and prize giving ceremony...hehe...gonna have a great time tonight...yay, get to receive the first medal from IMU ;p
haha..there goes another day for studying :p

oh well, class test on monday and i have not studied for it!:p


  1. Think should not pour cold water liao...nanti tickets kena rampas...

    Gambate for the test can do it!

    Jia You!

  2. *ahem ahem...

    i will re-consider first...still have one night for me..;p

  3. hey, happy for ya there...haha...gambatte for the rest of the days ooo...

    but nw, get some rest la, u din slp well for the last few weeks d le...

  4. Hey hey! Congrats! That's it, enjoy the moment, then why not try to make it longer? ;)

  5. haha...i'll catch my sleep during my 3 weeks study break...;p

    haha haha, wee pin, i AM enjoying myself indeed, but exam on monday le, have to come back to reality for a moment first...hehe...later only go back to my fantasy world :P