Sunday, September 03, 2006

New Topics

From now on I might add on topics from my own interests to the topics there are already in discussion here...

They might include computer troubleshooting tips that i might had found out along the way while i am experimenting with various softwares and operating systems.

And some simple reviews of softwares will be included as well...

happy reading everyone =)


Let's create a world full of LOVe=)


  1. Yay! Look forward to hearing interesting stuffs from you!

  2. haha..sure...i think the next things will be a review of windows vista beta 2

  3. glad i have at least seen windows vists for least wont be that blur...

    vista that i know all the while is my cozy little room in one of the pigeon holes opposite imu :p

    well..i like the way the windows appear and disappear..hehe..and the transperant window frame...:p