Saturday, August 16, 2008

Birthday thanks :)

To my mum and dad,
You are the first to wish me! Love you mum and dad! Cant wait for our next skype session. hehe.

To my dear sis, bro, sis-in-law, thanks for the whishes. I wish u all were here la. Miss u all!

To See Hua, hehe, needless to say la. No PDA here. haha.

To Joo Shin, I miss u so much! Thanks for the birthday wish and for telling me i'll have no presents this year =.=". (My past presents did not reach me EVERY YEAR. So no more presents for me this year). when will we have our next pillow talk?

To Jarryd, the only one who called me all the way from Malaysia, I'm so touched! Thanks for the call. I was very very happy. :) It's so expensive to call straight from mobile to mobile la! It's s very expensive birthday gift, i appreciate it alot.

To Yen Nee, Laura, Mei Wen (my dear housemates),Yieng, Flora, Yi Hui, Hui Yin, Min Tien (my darling neighbours next door), Hui Yen, Shian Yi, Renu, Huey Wuen ( my two doors away neighbours), Soo Fen, Karen, Yeu Lou, Million,

Thanks for the surprise birthday celebration you guys throw for me despite the exam stress. I was genuinely happy that you guys remember and took the extra effort to give me surprise. I practically jumped out of my seat when the birthday song was 'screamed' from outside my door. Haha. I tak sangka u all will sing it so loudly! Thou it happens every year and the tactics are almost similar..hehe.. im still very happy. I'm happy because I have a bunch of friends like you. Each and every one of you.

Thanks for the post birthday dinner ytdy. I'm touched and internally happy for the clebration. Love you guys alot. Thanks so so so much. I'm so sorry if i had appeared tired which was because i had only slept for 2 hours the night before, unhappy over my unanswered questions in my Fmt 1 exam paper and emotional over not bringing my snapfax(so silly to be emotional over such small things, sigh), but I am very touched and appreciative over the plan you guys made. Really touched.

Million, thanks for the special birthday present. Hehe. Very special and unique indeed. haha. Curious? Yeah, curiosity kills. Look here.

To Kean Aun, Nicholas, and Trisha thanks for the mysterious call on my extension. Made me waited so long. Hehe.

To Carolyn, Adeline, Huey Yee, Chun Siang, Yew Jinn, Ka Keat, Wei Thian, Kar Maine, Ee Wan, Jason Lse, Vivian, Alvin Teoh, Keng Yan, Chao Ching, Lee Yen, Micheal Lim, Kai Loong, Kevin Tan, Desmond, Xin Yin, Ah Mai, Amanda Lim, Cheh Shing, Wee Pin, Ah Phiaw, Ek Guan, Png, Jackie Liew, You Zhuan, Shireen Heng...

Thanks for all your wishes that you've dropped me. Whether by SMS ke, MSN ke, facebook ke, friendster ke etc... I'm touched and appreciate your wihses. Happy to have you as my friend and to have known you in the first place. For those not in glasgow, I miss you all la:)

To all names above, I Love all of you!




  1. That's nice of you Jen. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed your big day in Glasgow till you didn't study for your fmt during the weekends hehehe..

    Xin Yin

  2. ur welcome ;)

    lol... yeah, was high on sugar rush the whole weekend, and end up having to cram everything on monday and tuesday...*poink*...

    sendiri punya pasal.. :P