Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Staying Strong

Life is beautiful yet life can be very challenging.

One after another obstacle, one after another disappointment.

It seems endless but not hopeless. In times like this, it is best to keep our mind clear with our goals, stay positive and work stepwise towards them, persevering along the way.

The path may seem long and you may seem want to give up half way, but believe me, keep stretching yourself a little more each time and keep on believing in your dreams and goals. With blessings, you will finally reach where you want to be.

Have my best wishes and blessings, and we will work towards there together.

Remember, there are always sunshine and rainbows after the rain. :)


P.s: Words for myself as well as friends who needs them. May all be well and happy.


  1. It's such coincidence that these words are so useful to me now. Thanks for sharing and nice pic btw. :)

  2. You're welcome. I'm glad it helps you and I'm glad I made the right decision to post up my thoughts. Thanks for the comments. They are really valuable to me. ;)

    The pic was copied from
    A website talking all about rainbows. :)

  3. Dear sis!

    wanna dedicate this song to you.


    seize this moment, give your best shot ever.. everytime...

    I read a piece written about the greatest Olympian ever who bags 11 Olympic Golds - Michael Phelps. Below is an excerpt of it.


    Every race he wins, he says, he forgets, he has to act like it never happened. Even that relay on Monday (when he set new world record).

    "It was so emotional after the relay. My friends texted, saying 'We can't sleep, how are you napping?' I said, 'I'm not napping if you're texting me.'

    "But I had to force myself to put it out of my head. I have so much to do that I have to be 100 per cent focused (on the next race)."


    He set himself a goal of 8 Olympic Gold in the Beijing Olympics 2008. He has not only achieved it - he could surpass it with 3 more races left - if he wants to.

    You know that diamonds are produced under high pressure. The higher the pressure, the more precious is the diamond.

    You are the diamond. An unpolished diamond undergoing process to be the most precious diamond ever. Give yourself that chance to be the champion diamond.

    We are all there for u :)