Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Should we buy things just because they are on sale?

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An article on the site The Simple Doller intrigued me yesterday. It talked about buying things for the sake of buying them when the prices are lows because of sales/deals. I would agree fully to the article that buying things just because they are "deals" is a waste because, most of the time, we will end up just hoarding more and more items that we will only rarely use. 

Consider if I just go out and buy more and more clothes (what I need) during the sales season. In the end it will just pile up more and more that I couldn't wear them all. This had already happened to me even with my extremely limited selection of clothes (not enough to last 2 weeks even, since I only buy clothes twice a year). I think it's a waste to leave them there though.

Anyway, the point to be made in this post is, consider if you really need the item before buying it.  It's sometimes better to not buy an item and save yourself 20 bucks rather than buying one rarely used item and save yourself 5 bucks.

Well, if i cannot resist the temptation to buy an item at the time, what I usually do is to grad the thing, syok sendiri on the thing for a while and then leave it at its rack before I go out :P At least I did get a feel as if I owned the item for a moment.

Anyway, here is the link to the full article

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  1. Yeah I only buy things I need during sales. If you buy unnecessary stuff you aren't really saving money also. :D