Saturday, August 16, 2008

Life is fragile

Second piece of death news of someone that is related to me in a way or another...

Everyday we hear news of death... but we are not affected unless the person is someone that we know.

I wasn't affected until I found out which daniel it was. It is Daniel Teoh. Gasped. I know him. Though not very close, but he is someone we will always greet each other and chat when we bump into each other in IMU. One of the few BPharmers that I know. He is a bubbly, happy, friendly, helpful guy.

The piece of news made me look into life even more deeply. And it confirm once again what i have learnt that life is unpredictable, nothing is permanent but death is certain. These are some of the truth that we have to accept once born into life. When there we come, there'll be day we'll be gone. It's just the time factor.

Everything changes every seconds. We don't know what will happen next. All we could do is to cherish all we have now esp the people we are close to and never take things for granted. Hence my previous post.

It's indeed sad and grieving to know someone we know passed away. But life has to go on. There's no point fighting against the fact of life and blaming god for the cruelty of death. Life is just a physical phase of a person. When the physical part of it is lost, the memory of him is still alive. The memory is something we could keep in our hearts. Life goes on but we remember him. We learn from him that we need to appreciate life and the time we have now.

May he rest in peace and be born into a better plane of life.


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