Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Simple things

Six continuous hours of lecture in a day isn't really that exciting when you are having dysmenorrhoea, sleep deprived and all you wish to do is to be at cineworld watching The Dark Knights. I am glad at least charming Ian Miller* is there to keep us awake with his usual formal and decent jokes otherwise to feast our eyes on. 

What makes my day was a slip saying I have a parcel to be collected at the village office (VO). After my torturous lectures, I trotted happily to collect my first parcel while counting the date today, thinking hard what could it be. It's only the 6th, not 10th of August!

So here's my first parcel:


Two copies of the newest version of OTC Directory 2008/2009! Happy! They are so freaking efficient! I have only sent in my order last week and the books are here today. Wow.

To those who wish to order a copy of the OTC (within UK only), send a self-addressed stamped envelope (A5 envelope with postage paid to the value of 0.69 pounds for ONE copy or A4 envelope with postage paid to the value of 0.99 pounds for TWO copies) to OTC Directory, PAGB, Vernon House, Sicilian Avenue, London, WC1A 2QS.

I'm glad I did not put any expectations when I am collecting this parcel (I did thought it was something else). Haha, anyways, here's the address if you want to surprise me! ;)

The Dark Knight trailer here! :D 


*Ian Miller is our charming PP3 lecturer. All of us love him. ;) 

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