Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Time to pick up again...

Just finished our FMT 2 exam this morning. There's only one type of face among ALL the students when they were leaving the exam hall: a disappointed face. Some were near to crying. Some cried. Many were speechless. Not few were complaining. The scene was depressing.

I was depressed myself and I wanted to condemn and complain as much as everyone else is doing. (we only came here for two months, 8 weeks to be exact, and we are already sitting for final degree exam, with no study breaks, full crash course from 9-5 everyday without fail, study the same amount of things those homestudents studied for in 6 months to a year with placements experience, and us here, lacking of rest, sleep, and the questions were so indirect and we are expected to perform bla bla bla?! That is abit too much right? Am i not?)

But I think it is not very so helpful to complain so much as this IS the fact and nothing will change.

I shall PICK myself up again and start another round of madness in getting closer to my goals.

To friends that had a bad time in exam hall today, leave the disappoinments and dwellings to the 3rd of sept and we shall continue our battle to strive our best in our next papers : FMT 1 + PP3 Exemption Exam.

Ganbatte guys.

p.s: newest news of the pp3 class test 2 results: in the name of consistency, those who were deducted 20 maks for not informing the prescriber for minor interaction of drugs ( which by right is not necessary), are now deducted an extra of 10 mraks to make it 30 so that it is the same as others. Therefore, those who were pleading not only did not gain any extra marks, but was being deducted further.

This is what we call 'fun'. You get surprises, lots of them everyday.


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