Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jokes you make in an exam

We were chatting over our exam questions about how we did and how we answered our questions during lunch yesterday and this was what happened.

One question asked us to briefly describe the properties and uses of each of the following polymers

Sodium polystyrene sulphonate
Gum tragacanth
Locust bean Gum

After thinking very hard about what is locust bean gum... This is what my friend wrote in her exam paper:

"Locust bean gum is a gum that is extracted from a locust bean."

Another question asked us to write in context of oral dosage forms write short notes on:

Tablet packaging
Sustained released formulations
Soft gelatin capsules

One friend of mine could not recall what soft gelatin capsule is and wrote this as her answer paper:

"Soft gelatin capsule is softer than hard gelatin capsules"


These are real answers made in exams by some of my batchmates under extreme conditions. I think the examiner will have a 'fun' time marking our papers.




  1. Wah, don't understand. Haha.

  2. opps.... paiseh

    I have edited the post. See if it's easier to understand now?


  3. *Lots of question marks floating around* bet that's how you will feel like when i am talking about engineering stuffs :P